Tuesday, December 10, 2013

That's All Folks.

As the semester has come to close, so does my blogging for my Social Studies Methods Class. This semester as been a roller coaster experience learning about so many different things. In the beginning of the semester I was so nervous taking this class because I had heard it was a lot of work and most of the work was challenging. One of my friends who previously took this class told me that you will know by the end of the class if teaching is really for you. Well teaching is for me. I enjoyed learning about different ways to use technology in the classroom as well as different lessons to use in the classroom.  One of my favorite things I learned this semester was using Prezi instead of using PowerPoint I think this is more interactive to use with the students in the classroom. I also learned a lot of different interactive quizzes to use with the students such as Kahoot. I think this is a great quiz to use with students because they can do in within a group or individually. A teacher could use this as a pre-assessment activity or after finishing a topic as a post-assessment activity.

Teaching the second grade at Bishop Dunn this semester taught me a lot about the teacher I would like to become. I learned to always project my voice and use proper academic language within the classroom. For example I learned to say Boys and Girls instead of saying you guys. This is something that many people struggle with and say on a daily basis. It is important to make sure that a teacher addresses the students properly within the classroom. I loved being able to teach an entire class. This experience has made me more excited to have my own classroom. Watching my peers teach the classroom made it easy for me to reflect on what I do in the classroom verses what my peers do while teaching. Getting feedback from my peers and teacher is something that will help me grow to become the best teacher I can be.

There are so many things that teachers can start using in the classroom. In my future Social Studies classroom, I would love to have the students do more things using technology. Students can do more research based projects using computer or IPads if available. Technology is going to be present in all classrooms in the future and I am happy to be a part of the future of education. I would also like to incorporate more Current Events within my future Social Studies classroom. It is important for students to know what is going on in the world and I think it is often forgotten by many teachers. Social studies should not be just what is in the textbook is read out loud. There are so many things that teachers can do to make Social Studies come alive in the classroom and make it more interesting to students. Social Studies was always my favorite subject in school which is why I am a History major at the Mount. I hope to make Social Studies one of my students favorite subject.

Good Luck to all of my peers in the rest of their education classes at the Mount and in their future careers. It has been a pleasure to work with my group and all of my classmates. I will never forget my experiences in this class because this is only the beginning of where my teaching will go. Thank you to Dr. Smirnova for showing us there are so many possibilities in education but its up to us to use them. Happy Holidays!

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  1. I feel like this is a bittersweet ending!! I really enjoyed being in class with you and hearing all your insights. I also felt this class taught me so much, and I have taken away new technology with me. I use prezi as well instead of power points. I feel they are more interactive than the average powerpoint that's students dread!! Good luck I all your classes and student teaching!!!